A Winter Wedding

It was a pleasure to shoot the wedding of Karen and Simon this January. The rain poured down but nothing could deter these two lovebirds from grinning ear to ear. Congratulations guys!

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Vacation Shoot with Agnes and her Family in Barcelona

I just love the variety that these jobs bring. You get to meet a group of strangers and then you proceed to run around the city with two cameras swinging around your neck and chasing the sun light through the streets of Gotico to Park Cuitadella for that perfect ‘golden hour.’

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Light Painting Model Shoot with Vicki

We wanted to do something a little different here, so we used a old school method called ‘Light Painting.’ This involved absolute stillness from Vikki whilst I manually painted her like a painting with my handheld light. She wanted something fun and sexy and I think we did just that.

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Underwater Shoot with Abi Fantastic

Renowned artist and part-time clown, Miss Abi Fantastic wanted a surreal underwater photo shoot. So that’s exactly what we did. We had fun with it, and improvised, this is a few of  the results. The rest are little too risque for public viewing.

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