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I write this post, albeit a little reluctantly, clinging onto the dreams of my new found paradise at Moonbeach Resort. But, maybe the honey should be shared with the other bees after all. I fell in love with the island of Simeulue from the propeller plane which brought me here. The island stood, boldly engulfed by bright, turquoise waters. The alluring view captured the attention of the entire plane, and all the passengers unnervingly migrated to one side, desperate to steal another glimpse.

The lifestyle here is just not comparable to that of the western world, goats and livestock wander aimlessly along the roads, much as the people do. Everyone moves to their own rhythm, at their own time. Our only schedule at the resort is to head out twice a day with the guests to hunt down the best waves on the island, and we are never disappointed.

Asides from the killer waves and mellow crowds, the island maintains the sentiment of a big jungle playground where you can adventure and explore as much as you want to. The local's brightly painted houses in the villages add an additional touch of vibrancy and charm.

Moonbeach Resort is situated right on the beach and hosts luxury villas for guests to stay in, nestled between plants. The whole crew here are friendly and welcoming and the food is really bloody tasty! And if it couldn't get any better, they are starting to build a pool for the next season, so bring your inflatables and get prepared for a sundowner.

I am here until the end of November 2018 so if you fancy catching some waves in paradise then let me know!

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