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I only scratched the surface of this insanely welcoming and wonderful place. I had a spare ten days in between photography gigs, so I headed over for a mini adventure. I was taken aback by the warmth of the people and the extremely cheap, yet delicious food. On top of that, the country is riddled with colour and spirit and it has its own real sense of freedom.

My first proper taste of this freedom, was hanging out the sides of the train whilst it rattled down the coast from Colombo to Galle. I felt like a child with the sea breeze in my face and only a small little chain over an open steel door frame. Galle is an old trading port scattered with Dutch-colonial buildings and oozing with charisma. From here, I went east to the bay of Mirissa hoping to catch a glimpse of the stilt fisherman. You can see them pictured below waiting patiently on the stilts with their simple wooden fishing rods.

After a few lazy days on the beach, I made a plan to put the telephoto lens to good use and warrant lugging all those kilos around. So, I made a plan to visit Yala National Park, a combination of a strict nature reserve with a national park over nearly 130,000 hectares. I was able to get pretty close to the wildlife there and we managed to see quite a fair bit, apart from a leopard, unfortunately.

My last stop on my Sri Lankan adventure was Arugam Bay, where the people are even friendlier (if that was even possible) and the pace of life slows halts to a crawl. Here, I crawled gingerly like a sloth from hammock to hammock and soaked up as much relaxation time as this little haven provided, which is a lot! You can tailor your stay as you wish in this little bay. If you want to party all night and watch the sunrise you can certainly find that. But, it's also possible to seek out chilled and relaxed, coconut fringed places on the beach and get your yoga game on. I was excited to check out the surfing here which gets pretty good, although I was quite put off by the number of people in the water. If you would like to surf here I'd recommend getting a cheap scooter and making your own little surf adventure. Exploring the numerous breaks that surround the saturated ones would be what I will do next time.

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