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I was travelling through Bali with a friend of mine when we met an interesting character at an ice-cream stand. We quickly became friends and began swapping surf stories, and ice-creams. He told us of a magical place where you can surf empty barrels in a tropical paradise and that he was heading there in just a few days. After a few different ice-creams and many laughs we all already seemed like solid friends. So, he invited us to join him on his surf adventure in the neighbouring island of Java. There would be five of us on a small fishing boat, sharing the floor and sharing waves. It sounded like a once in a lifetime opportunity and we decided to join them. It was one of the best travel decisions I ever made. The sense of adventure and spontaneity buzzed through us like teenagers as we boarded the little fishing boat. I can't say too much about the place we went to exactly, but I can share these photos with you to enjoy what a surfer's paradise really looks like!

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