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An Adventurous Photographer

I love boxes but I don't love being squeezed into them! I am an adventorous Surf photographer, a poetic Wedding Photographer and a visionary Travel and Vacation Photographer who couldn't choose between them, so didn't! From crosscutting disciplines and allowing myself to experiment within a diverse photographic range, kept the creative juices flowing. My ideas for each genre have been augmented by the others; opening my eyes to fresh and unique angles and allowing me to continue my passionate affair with photography. So with that said, I do hope you will enjoy the site and take a peek at the shop, where you can fall in love too! Otherwise I am here, there and everywhere, just waiting to craft our next venture together.

Your Wedding Photographer

I am an established Wedding Photographer with a creative eye who seeks out the feelings and emotions that can be lost from static photography styles. My job is to provide my clients with stunning imagery which will take you right back to that special day, both visually and emotionally. My approach to photographing weddings is intimate but not intrusive. The photographs that my clients never forget and love endlessly are those that they didn't expect to have; that look in your eye when he squeezed your hand, that cheeky wink of confidence from your best friend and the tears and the emotions from everyone. My passion is to document your love story and create timeless images, whilst remaining discreet enough for you to enjoy your special day.

Your Destination Vacation Photographer

Inspired by my hostility towards selfie-sticks and sustained by a love of meeting new people I offer creative and unique vacation photography. You are looking forward to this moment for months, maybe years and then it passes us by so quickly. So why not preserve these moments and these feelings, digitally. I offer tailor made Destination Photography solutions, world-wide, I love to travel! As well as a wide range of photography packages for your special trip to Barcelona. 

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